Poorly Drawn Portraits

They're not terrible, but they're not that good either...

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Seriously, they're not that good. They are, however, created with much love, on eco-friendly paper, and they're shipped right to your door! All for around $20. The dream is possible! Order yours today...

How bad are we talking here?

Take a look at the image below to get a taste of what you might be in for with a poorly drawn portrait. Not awful, right? But quite a long way from good. Wander through my small but growing portrait gallery, and then imagine having your own poorly drawn portrait hanging on your wall, or safely tucked in that drawer where you keep precious things!
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How does it work?

Well, you select the size of the portrait you want me to create, and then upload an image that I can draw from. (Payment is handled through PayPal.) Then, in a few short weeks, you will receive a hand-drawn portrait that is a rough approximation of what you look like in the photo that you uploaded.

And it costs...?

It's $18 for one 8" x 11" portrait, or $29 for a 13" x 19" portrait on special paper that will grow into wildflowers if you plant it. (Plus some dough for shipping). Double portraits are available too! See the FAQ for more answers to your burning questions! You can also click the red pencil above to get started on your order!

But I could draw my own portrait poorly.

Ah yes, but if I do it, you don't have to.

I am committed to operating a carbon neutral, sustainable, environmentally friendly business, and I donate at least 1% of my net profits to organizations that fund environmental education, projects and services.